RuneScape 2007 – Myths’ Guild Guide

Myths’ Guild is a members-only guild in RuneScape 2007. Players should know that they need to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest to gain access to the guild. The location is Feldip Hills. You can use any transportation method that gets you there or in the proximity. The fastest way is to use the mythical cap teleport that will get you to Uhld’s statue. The spirit tree is another convenient way of getting there. You can also take a charter ship that will get you to Corsair Cove. From there, head west and you will find the guild.

The guild has several levels. There’s a ground floor, first floor, and second floor. There is also a basement that can be entered from the ground floor. The basement is actually part of the Corsair Cove dungeon. It’s possible to enter it from the other side of the dungeon as well. The Myths’ Guild side has a fountain of Uhld. This location is used to charge skill necklaces, amulets of glory, and combat bracelets. Runite and adamantite rocks can be mined here. Some chromatic dragons roam the southern part of the place. Those who want to fight Galvek, the boss from the Dragon Slayer II quest, can do so using the pool of dreams that is found near the entrance. On the first floor, players will find Primula. This is an NPC that teaches the super antifire potion recipe. There is also a bank on this floor. A range makes this place a good location for leveling cooking. On the second floor, players will find teleports that take them to three other RuneScape 2007 guilds. They can quickly travel to the Legends, Champions, and Heroes Guild from here. This floor also houses the library of knowledge. There are six texts that can found on the bookshelves. Three NPCs are also found on this floor. Players can buy the mythical cape from Jack. Diana has some dragon weapons for sale. RuneScape 2007 Gold buying will be very helpful for you to enjoy the in the game. Aslo from Erdan, players will buy the shield right half and the dragon metal shard.