FIFA Mobile – Real Time Versus Attack

Versus Attack is the competitive FIFA Mobile mode that pits two players against each other. This mode changed over the years. The current implementation is a 90 seconds game. The opponent can be a fellow player or the computer. In most cases, two players compete. There are situations in division games where the computer can replace the player to help those who are just starting with the game. The objective is to score more goals than the opponent. It’s just like in real football. The game takes place in real time. Each player has several opportunities to score goals. The player who manages to score the most goals wins. Players don’t have to wait for each other or for free kicks, corners, and such. All they have to do is to concentrate on scoring. Ninety seconds may not seem like a lot of time, but keep in mind that there are no interruptions and you don’t have to wait for the opponent to make its move.

Players that want to take part in a multiplayer game are invited to tap the VS Attack button on the main screen. They will see a button that says Play. When this button is pressed, the matchmaking system will look for an opponent. The criterion when pairing players is the number of fans. Players might be surprised that they are paired with players that have a lower or higher OVR. The reason is that OVR doesn’t count in VS Attack matchmaking. It’s the number of fans that is important. This doesn’t mean that you will always be playing against someone who has the same number of fans. For example, there might be a difference of a few thousand fans or even more. The system looks for the smallest difference in fans but it expands the allowed difference if no opponent is found. If you like to know more about way FIFA Mobile works, make sure to follow @FIFAMobileDev account on Twitter. If you like to know more about FIFA coins buy, please follow u7buy facebook and twiiter to get the latest sale information. This is a separate Twitter account that posts details about the game mechanics.