RuneScape 3 – Mining and Smithing Updates

Mining and smithing skills in RuneScape 3 have received some updates. One of the biggest updates is that new metal tiers have been added. Players will now be able to acquire 60, 70, 80, and 90 tier metals. If you want to start mining, just get a pickax, find a mining node and buy RuneScape 3 gold cheap online before start . It’s important to use a mining tool that is as close to the level of the node as possible. This will ensure that you’ll get the best XP rate and a good quantity of ore. So, to maximize your profit you need to mine level 50 rocks with level 50 pickaxes, level 60 rocks with level 60 pickaxes, and so on. If you want to start mining the highest tier metals right away, then you will need a level 90 pickax. It can be crafted from level 90 metal or you can combine a crystal and imcando pickax with a blast fusion hammer and obtain an augmentable pickax. Each time you mine, you get some XP. When the XP progress bar is full, you obtain ore. Using level appropriate pickaxes is one way of getting better XP. One of the best news is that rocks are no longer depleted when mining. It’s also possible to mine while AFK but the results are not that good so don’t count on it.

It takes longer than before to craft items using smithing. On the bright side, players get more XP. New forges that allow players to heat items can be used to speed things up. The new system offers the choice to upgrade items that have been obtained from smithing. You can sacrifice upgraded items for lots of smithing XP. Once an item has reached the maximum upgrade stage, it can be destroyed for XP. Those who level smithing to 99 can craft tier 90 armor. This armor supports augmentations. You can obtain the materials for this armor using the mining skill. If you want to get an edge in melee combat make sure to get tier 92 trimmed armor. This kind of armor can be traded so you can earn a lot of money with it.