RuneScape 2007 – Kebos Lowlands Guide

RuneScape 2007 has several members-only zones. Kebos Lowlands is one of them. It can be found on the western side of Great Kourend. If players have a fast means to get to Great Kourend, they can use it and then simply travel west. There are also other ways that get players closer. They can use methods that will get them to various locations in this region. The skills necklace and the farming spirit tree are used to reach the Farming Guild that is located here. The Lovakengj mine cart system and Xeric’s talisman are ways to reach Mount Quidamortem. Another mountain that is located here is Mount Karuulm. Players can get to it if the use the fairy ring or Rada’s blessing. These are the most usual means of reaching the area but players are free to use whichever methods they have available or consider faster.

Here are some of the locations of interest in this region. Players will notice that near Great Kourend lies a battlefield where Shayzien units are engaged in combat against the lizardmen. This zone is called the Battlefront. The Farming Guild has three levels that are available to players based on their farming skill level. The guild has some farming patches along with other features. Lake Molch is a great place to do some aerial fishing. The lake lies on the eastern side of the area. This is the place where players have the chance to do aerial fishing, a method that combines hunting and fishing. There is also a village called Molch. In this village, players will find lizardman shaman creatures that tend to the Lizardman Temple. There are two mountains in this area. Karuulm is the place where a slayer dungeon is found. Players will also find a bank, a weapon shop, and a furnace here. Quidamortem, the other mountain, has mountain trolls. At the top of the mountain, the Chambers of Xeric are found. This mountain is also a location for the Take of the Righteous quest. Other than this quest, there are no others in the area. Lizardmen are found on the eastern side of this mountain in the Lizardman Settlement.

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