Brine Rat Cavern Dungeon Guide of RuneScape 2007

Brine Rat Cavern is one of the RuneScape 2007 dungeons. Players should know that they need to start Olaf’s Quest to gain access to this dungeon. They can enter it while they are on the quest and after they have completed it. It’s important to mention that a spade will be needed to enter this dungeon. The item is needed every time. The dungeon can be found in the Fremennik Province. There are several ways to get there.

The fastest way is to use the fairy ring. There is one that can be found close to the entrance. Players need to complete the Fairy Tale Part II quest in order to use this transportation system. If you have an enchanted lyre, you can use it to get close to Relleka. Another item that can be used for teleportation is the slayer ring. This will take players to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon that is located on the south side of the dungeon. Those who already completed the quests at Eagle’s Peak can use the eagles to get to the Rellekka Hunter area. This location is found on the northern side of the entrance. There are also some transportation methods that can be used by players who have access to Keldagrim. The mine carts and the train system can be used.

The dungeon is an important location for Olaf’s quest. Ulfric is a level 100 boss that appears during the quest. The monsters that are normally found in the cavern include Fremennik skeletons, giant bats, brine rats, and rock crabs. This dungeon is a great place to kill the brine rats as they have nice drops. Players kill them to obtain death runes and the rare Brine sabre. The bats drop giant bat wings, bat bones, and looting bags. The skeletons drop a variety of items including multiple types of uncommon, rare, and very rare seeds. They also drop runes and some equipment. The most powerful enemy is the level 102 rock crab. His loot table includes rare seeds, a casket, runes, and some pickaxes. Players now could buy RuneScape 2007 gold and follow this guide to travel in the Brine Rat Cavern!