RuneScape 2007 – Varrock City Guide

Varrock is one of the most frequented RuneScape 2007 locations. It’s a big city with lots of features and facilities. Being available to free players is another reason for its popularity. There are several ways to reach the capital of Misthalin. The easiest way is to use the teleport spell, players need at least 25 magic skill to do this. The fairy ring will bring players very close to the city. The spirit tree can also be used. Other forms of transportation such as balloon and canoe can be used to reach Varrock. There are four entrances. There is a Wilderness gate on the north side. The Barbarian Village entrance is found on the west side. The south gate is from Lumbridge. There is also the eastern Paterdomus gate. There is another entrance that is available only to subscribers. They can use the sewers from the Edgeville dungeon to enter the city.

Once players set foot in the city, they can visit the banks, stores, and many other locations of interest. There are two banks in Varrock. The east bank is a two floors buildings but most players spend time on the main floor. They normally gather here to buy and sell items. The west bank is a favorite among free to play players. RuneScape 2007 gold, a gold bar, a ruby ring, and a few more items can be found inside the bank. Varrock Square is a popular shopping location as it has lots of stores. There are general stores, several clothing stores, a staff store, a sword shop, and rune shop, and several other stores. The city also has three altars where prayer points can be replenished. Four pubs are found in the city. Seven dungeons are available here. Varrock is also a location for many quests. The museum and the palace are often visited by questing adventurers. The city also features anvils and ranges. The Cooks’ Guild and the Champions’ Guild are very close to the city.