Runescape 2007 – Dragonkin Quests

One of the oldest Runescape 2007 quests received a continuation in 2018. This is a quest part of the Dragonkin series. The first one is Dragon Slayer and it was released in 2001. It’s a free to play quest developed by Paul Gower, one of the Jagex founders. The quest starts at the Champion’s Guild when talking to the Guildmaster. Players will need crafting level eight and magic level 33 or 10,000 Runescape 2007 gold. There are several enemies to defeat starting with level three rats and ending with a level 83 Elvarg.

The second quest was released in 2005. It’s called A Tail of Two Cats. It’s a members only quest of intermediate difficulty developed by Jonathan S. Players that have not yet completed this quest should know that the requirement for it is another quest, Icthlarin’s Little Helper. Once they are done with this quest they can go to Burthorpe to start the second quest of the Dragonkin series. The NPC Unferth is the one that starts it. He can be found in his house. Apparently, his cat that answers to the name of Bob is missing. In order to finish this quest players will need several items. First and foremost, they will need a cat pet. There are a lot of items needed to find Bob but no monsters to fight. The catch is that Bob can be in several places, players will find it with the help of the amulet. At the end of the quest line, players get to find out who Bob really is and why are the Dragonkin involved.

The third quest is called Dragon Slayer II and just like the second one it’s a members only quest. It has grand master difficulty and it is developed by Mod Ed. Players start by talking to Alec Kincade at the Myths Guild. The quest is very long. The highest level enemy that will be fought is a level 608 Galvekl or buy Runescape 2007 account to reach the deired level. The rewards include five quest points, XP for thieving, smithing, agility, and mining.