RuneScape 2003 Barrows Minigame

Barrows is a RuneScape 2003 minigame. It gives players the chance to get the Graverobber title. The minigame is available to members. Players must first travel to the Barrows and there are several ways of reaching it. The quickest way is to use Drakan’s medallion. If players are accomplished veterans who have achieved 99 in all skills, they can take the Max Guild portal. This method is just as fast as the medallion. The games necklace can also be used as it transports players very close to the area. There is also a fairy ring pretty close. The swamp boat provides another method of getting there. Once players reach the place, they must prepare for six or eight challenging encounters.

There are six initial bosses. Two more are unlocked after completing some quests. The seventh boss becomes available to those who finish Ritual of the Mahjarrat. For the eighth boss, players must complete Kindred Spirits. To complete the entire minigame, players must defeat all eight bosses so it’s a good idea to work on these two quests first. Each boss is a Barrows brother or sister. They are pretty hard to defeat. They are all characterized by high defense, however, each fight is unique. Each boss uses a unique ability that is related to their armor set.

The rewards make this activity compelling. The best rewards drop from the last boss. Each item is very rare to obtain. Players who kill Linza get the opportunity to acquire her armor set which consists of cuirass, greaves, hammer, helm, and shield. Each boss has his own equipment that is part of the drop list. Players can obtain robes, hoods, plate body armor, staves, wands, crossbows, and the book of magic. Other drops include coins/ RuneScape 2003 gold, runes, and corrupted sigils. The rare dragon helm can also be obtained. There are also three feats associated with this activity. The minigame has a difficulty modification called Rise of the Six. Bosses are much harder to kill on this mode but they also drop better loot.