Runescape 2007 – Top 10 free to play quests that award the most points

Runescape 2007 has two five points quests, one four points quest, four three points quests, and three two points quests that are all free to play.

Romeo and Juliet – 5 points. This is an easy quest as it mostly requires talking to NPCs around Varrock and delivering items. The quest is acquired from Romeo that is found in the Varrock Square.

Goblin Diplomacy – 5 points. The quest is started by talking to General Wartface or General Bentnoze in the Goblin Village. Players will need goblin mail and some dyes. There are no enemies to be killed for the quest.

Ernest the Chicken – 4 points. Players get the quest from Veronica that wanders around Draynor Manor gate. All the items needed are found during the quest.

Black Knight’s Fortress – 3 points. Players need to travel to Falador and reach the White Knight’s Castle to talk to Sir Amik Varze that starts this quest.

Demon Slayer – 3 points. Gypsy Aris found in Varrock’s center is the NPC that starts this quest. Players will need to have 25 bones, one coin, and a bucket of water. They are also required to kill a level 27 demon.

Prince Ali Rescue – 3 points. The NPC called Hassan that is found in the Al Kharid Palace tasks players with finding the kidnapped Prince Ali.

Vampire Slayer – 3 points. Morgan from Draynor Village starts this quest. All the items will be found during the quest. The enemy that must be defeated is a level 34 vampire.

The Corsair Curse – 2 points. Captain Tock found in Port Sarim asks players to investigate the curse that is affecting his crew. A level 35 human enemy has to be defeated.

Dragon Slayer – 2 points. The most challenging, long, and rewarding free to play Runescape 2007 quest starts at the Guildmaster of the Champion’s Guild. Lots of items are needed. Several monsters ranging from combat level 3 to combat level 83 have to be killed for this quest.

Pirate’s Treasure – 2 points. Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim has a secret to share but only if players bring him Karamja rum. There are some tasks that must be performed to get the drink and a level 4 monster to be defeated in order to obtain the treasure. If you can do all of these quests, and complete successfully, you will get more rewards, maybe the runescape 2007 gold contains.