Runescape 3 – How to deal with monsters in the Ogre Enclave

Ogre Enclave is a Runescape 3 dungeon where premium members can fight six types of monsters and complete a quest.

Ogre Enclave is a Runescape 3 dungeon associated with the Watchtower quest. The dungeon is found in the kingdom of Feldip Hill, in the city of Gu’Tanoth. This is the main ogre city in Gielor. Players need membership status to be able to take the Watchtower quest and to enter the dungeon. The Ogre Enclave is unlocked as players progress with the quest. The dungeon plays a part in the quest but it can be entered freely once the quest is completed. The first task involving the Ogre Enclave requires players to use an item on one of the guards. This allows players to enter the dungeon. Items that are needed for the same quest are found inside the enclave.

Six types of monsters are found in the Ogre Enclave. They provide a good training opportunity so players revisit the dungeon even after they are done with the Watchtower quest. Spiders are the weakest enemies. They are level 1, easy to defeat, and a good source of charms. Level 15 skeletons reside in the dungeon as well. Magic is the best way to deal with them. The level 74 blue dragons are the reason players choose to return to the Ogre Enclave.

This type of dragon is found in other locations as well but the enclave is not that crowded and this can be an advantage. Six dragons are found in the dungeon. Players should be prepared to deal with dragon fire and keep in mind that melee is the weakest attack against blue dragons. The Ogre Chieftain is a level 81 monster that can drop some rare and very rare seeds. The level 82 Greater Demon is the most powerful enemy that lives in the Ogre Enclave. It uses magic in combat and ranged attacks work best when fighting it. The Ogre Shaman is a monster associated with the quest. Players should leave it alone if they are not yet done with the quest. The dwarf multicannon can be used inside the dungeon.

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