Runescape 3 – What is Agility

Runescape 3 agility is a skill that allows players to save time when traveling. This skill might be confusing for RPG players as, traditionally, agility is a stat that is most of the times attributed to a rogue/thief character archetype. Runescape 3 agility is one of the optional skills and, even though no one can deny its practicality, players can do just fine without it. It is considered a support skill. It’s a premium skill so only paying members have access to it. Those who learn agility will be able to use shortcuts that can reduce traveling time and make it easier. For example, a shortcut may allow a player to cross a river by walking on a log instead of making a detour. Adventurers with agility can also climb on steep sides and fit through narrow places. Agility also allows players to recover energy faster. The green arrow icon on the mini-map lets players known where there’s an available shortcut. All these shortcuts enable them to get to a point of interest faster. However, things don’t go smoothly all the time. The shortcut can be failed and players take damage that reduces their health points. If points are reduced to 0, the character will die.

Players train agility by taking agility courses. A small amount of XP is gained when using a shortcut but this is more like a reward rather than a leveling method. Agility courses are activities that allow players to gain XP and improve their agility level. To finish an agility course, players have to successfully complete activities such as using a swing rope, climbing a wall, jump over a barrier and such. Players get XP for each completed lap. They get XP bonuses if they manage to complete the lap without failing. Players can equip agility gear that will reduce their weight. Consumables such as potions and food may also be used to temporarily increase agility and to restore energy. There are two level caps for agility. The first is at level 99 and the second is at level 120. So are you get this skill now? If you are tried of playing this game, there are many interesting video games recently, like FIFA 18. And it’s easy to start with buying a FIFA 18 Account online. So, are you playing both of the games now? Leave a comment if you do.