NBA 2K18 – MyTeam Evolution Set

A new MyTeam collection is ready to be obtained by NBA 2K18 players who don’t want to miss any of these amazing cards. The collection is named Evolution and it has one of a kind athletes with unique playing style. Four diamond cards, five amethyst, and three ruby cards are in the set. Jason Kidd, Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler, and Oscar Robertson are the diamond cards. Kidd comes to represent the Brooklyn Nets. His position was point guard and his performance secured his team a place in the Finals. Joel Embiid has center position and makes a great card for rebound and block. Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls is a good option for offensive but also acts as a defender. One of the best cards for guarding is Oscar Robertson.

Dirk Nowitzki is wearing the Dallas Mavericks uniform in this collection. This is one of the amethyst cards that are good for scoring. From Los Angeles Lakers, we have Brandon Ingram, a player with flexible uses. Another Lakers player is D’Angelo Russell. This card has point guard position. Clifford Robinson represents Portland Trail Blazers. This is an All-Star player that comes with great release. Jerry Lucas is also an amethyst card. Having this card in the team will surely make a big difference. Allen Crabbe, Darius Miles, and Marreese Speights are the three ruby cards. Crabbe is the second card in this collection that represents the Brooklyn Nets. The card has good defense and rebound. Its position is shooting guard. Miles, a Portland Trail Blazers player, has great dunking. Nicknamed Mo Buckets, Speights makes a great card for those want to play like pick and roll.

Most collections have a reward for obtaining all cards and Evolution makes no difference. The card that is acquired is Giannis Antetokounmpo in his Milwaukee Bucks days. This is a pink diamond card. The player has a versatile role that allows him to use strength and athleticism.