Runescape 3 – Don’t miss the Postie Pete event in May

The month of May comes with gifts for Runescape 3 players. They will receive a package that contains a reward for 30 days since the first day players log into the event that is known as Parcels from the Hedge. It starts on the first day of May but it’s not mandatory to log into the game on starting day. Players start to get their packages as soon as they log in for the first time after the event has stated during the month of May. This is a great system as players aren’t forced to be online at a certain date and they are still able to get the gifts.

The parcels received by players can have different sizes. Some can be small but others can be quite huge. The most sought packages will be the big ones because the volume affects the contents. Big packages have the best rewards. The packages are delivered by Postie Pete at the request of NPCs from all over the game world. These are characters with whom the player interacted and helped. All sorts of items can be inside the parcels. A hat just like the one Postie Pete is wearing is among the gifts. The Parcel Pet pet can be acquired during this event. There is also a ring that disguises players into a Barrows brother. Some packages can contain a nice amount of Runescape 3 gold. All the gifts are listed under the Parcel Rewards. Postie Pete can be found in Burthorpe. He does more than parcel delivery. He turns postage stamps into parcels. The stamps are found inside received parcels. Players will also get more parcels once they hit certain thresholds. After they receive at least five parcels, they will unlock lost packages. This is an additional way to get rewards. The lost packages contain invention skill materials, darts that can kill instantly, and other useful items. Players can also get the Postie title. Gifts can be obtained until the end of June.