What you get when becoming a Runescape 3 premium player

Runescape 3 premium membership program offers players access to quests, skills, content, player housing feature and more for $9.49 a month or even less.

Runescape 3 has a very affordable premium subscription plan that gives players access to tons of content. Three purchase options are available: monthly, once every three months and yearly. The cost of the subscription is $9.49, $8.67 or $7.50 a month. A fourth option that allows players to get 14 days of premium membership in exchange for bonds is also available. Bonds are premium currency bought with real money. They can be traded for gold or other valuables. Free players can buy bonds and use them to get membership. Bonds can be traded only once by players who bought them with money. Once bonds have been acquired with gold they cannot be traded again.

The premium membership comes with many benefits. Members have access to more than 200 quests while free players can complete less than 30. Out of 27 skills, only 16 are available to free players. Runescape 3 is known for its mini-games but players that want to have access to more than four must become premium members. Runescape 3 features a vast world but some areas are restricted. Free players cannot obtain all armors and weapons available in the game. Player housing, one of the most popular game systems, is another premium feature. Skill capes, more bank space, titles, emotes, costumes and character customization are other features reserved for paying members.

Purchasing Runescape 3 premium membership with bonds sounds like an attractive offer. Free players can acquire gold and use it to buy bonds that are exchanged for 14 days of premium subscription. The trouble is that bonds are not exactly cheap and it can be hard for a free player that doesn’t have access to all content and skills to come up with such a big amount of gold. It is not impossible but gold farming takes a long time. Paying with bonds is an option for veteran members that have enough gold or have the means to acquire it in a reasonable amount of time. The free to play option offers plenty of content but in the end, this is nothing more than just a demo. The general advice is to start as a free user and get a premium subscription if you want to experience all the content Runescape 3 has to offer.

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