Take part in these activities only in Runescape 2007

Stronghold Slayer Cave is a Runescape 2007 dungeon. Players will find this dungeon under the Tree Gnome Stronghold. The dungeon underwent some changes throughout the years. In its current form, the monsters list includes hell hounds, ankou, fire giants, aberrant specters and bloodvelds. The update decreased the size of the dungeon making it about one fifth smaller than its first version. Players that have at least 72 agility can use a shortcut that allows them to reach the location of the specters and ankou faster. There is no quest associated with this dungeon. Players will be able to fight the slayer skill related monsters.

Nightmare Zone is a Runescape 2007 mini game that involves combat. Players need to complete a few quests to gain access to this activity. Nightmare Zone tasks enable players to relieve some of the boss encounters they’ve already completed. If players die within the Nightmare they won’t lose their items.

Graceful gear is a set of wearable items that boost stamina regeneration by 30%. Players need to take part in the Rooftop Agility Courses activity to earn marks of grace. These tokens are exchanged for Graceful items. The NPC that handles the exchange is Grace in the Rogues Den.

Zulrah boss is a single player challenge. It can be attacked with all three types of attacks but takes little damage from melee. It’s a good idea to use ranged and magic attacks against it. A couple of quests have to be completed to unlock this fight. Zulrah’s scales are a guaranteed drop when defeating the boss.

Chasm of Fire is a dungeon where players will encounter three types of demons. Enemies can only be killed while players are working on a slayer skill related task. The most powerful monster is a level 172 black demon. The dungeon has three levels and no associated quests.

Catacombs of Kourend is another Runescape 2007 dungeon. It has lots of enemies of various types. Players will fight against demons, dragons, specters, ghosts and all kinds of other monsters. Great Kourend is an entire game area located in Zeah, a members only region.

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