The FC Pro Live Event Debuts In FC 24

U7Buy offers a range of custom EA Sports FC boosting services giving you the flexibility to shape your path to triumph! FC 24 celebrates the FC Pro competition with a special event. The campaign is tailored for the FC Pro Open tournament. It features the participants. The event is all about dynamic player items. These dynamic cards might receive upgrades based on special conditions. For example, the Thunderstruck event was one of the latest FC 24 campaigns to feature dynamic items. Thunderstruck player cards receive upgrades based on the number of wins achieved by their clubs. The FC Pro event is similar. It has dynamic cards that receive performance-based boosts.

How the FC 24 FC Pro Live Event Works

The FC Pro Live event allows regular players to be engaged in the tournament action. We will be watching the competition and keeping track of the participants’ performances. This is how the cards receive the upgrades.

The FC Pro Live dynamic items get boosts depending on how the associated player fares in the matches. FC Pro Live player cards are linked to a certain player. They upgrade if the player fulfills specific requirements. This is just a part of the FC Pro Live campaign. Back by popular demand, we have the Weekend League red cards and new activities.

Do you remember the red players? The Weekend League red player cards were a fan favorite. If you are among those fans, you will be glad to know that they are back. The FC Pro Live campaign will include new Champions Pro Objectives. They will reward consumable items needed for player evolution. Using these items, we will be able to change the color of the player items. The cards will be red bringing back the color of the past Weekend Leagues. Each day of the FC Pro Live event will have fresh activities. We are looking forward to the daily FC Pro Live Puzzle Squad Building Challenges. The event also has Player Completionist Objectives that increase your weekly rewards. The activities compel us to log into the game every single day. Now, let’s get back to the dynamic player items and their upgrades.

FC 24 Pro Live Upgrade Rules

The FC Pro Live campaign features 16 player items. They receive boosts based on how their corresponding player performs in the tournament. The item card has six variants. The first campaign upgrade brings the player items to OVR 88. From now on, a certain boost is applied based on the number of points the participant obtains. At three points, the card receives an In-Form upgrade to OVR 89. At six points, one Play Style is added to the card. At 10 points, the OVR goes up one point. If the player qualifies in the tournament, his corresponding player item obtains one more OVR bump – bringing it to 91 OVR – and one more Play Style. If the player wins the tournament, the card gets one final In-Form upgrade that permanently sets its OVR to 92.

The FC Pro Live event also integrates with the FC 24 Viewership program. Fans have the chance to acquire in-game items when they watch FC Pro broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch. To be eligible to receive these items, you need to link the FC 24 account with your Twitch or YouTube account. To connect the two accounts you need to follow a few simple steps. The rewards are received after watching for a certain time, such as 60 or 90 minutes. The prizes will be available in the game within 24 hours of claiming them.

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