FIFA 23 Points price change revealed

A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts announced plans to make price adjustments to an undisclosed number of games based on “changing economic conditions.” If you don’t have enough FIFA coins, we strongly suggest you to visit U7BUY for cheap FIFA 23 coins.
The changes, which will take effect on June 1, will affect games such as Apex Legends and Madden 23, the company said.
As of now, EA’s price adjustment program is only in effect in certain regions. Given the latest news on the matter, FIFA players in affected regions will want to keep abreast of price changes.

EA launched FIFA Points price adjustments

In an official post, the publisher revealed that FIFA flagged the latest title for a pricing update. “As we continue to see fluctuations in the global economy, including significant changes in currency valuations, we are working to balance our live service content prices in all currencies around the world,” read part of the message.
Then, beginning June 1, users in certain regions will notice an increase in the price of FIFA Points for FIFA 23 on and the EA App. Meanwhile, players in other regions will also notice the price cuts.

Known regions affected by the FIFA Points price changes

PlayStation owners in the UK can expect pretty significant price growth.
For example, the previous pricing model sold 100 points for £0.79; now, the same number of points costs £0.99. 12,000 points used to cost £79.99, but users are now paying £87.99.
While prices in the US appear to be unchanged, loyal FIFA users outside the UK face higher FIFA Points costs.
12,000 points in Australia used to retail for $120.00. Thanks to an update from EA, such purchases are currently listed for $150.00. Even with the EA Play discount, New Zealand has been hit by a massive increase in the price of FIFA Points.
It’s worth noting that this is only available on PC and PlayStation platforms, so Xbox users are safe for now. It’s not yet known whether a similar change will make its way into Microsoft’s ecosystem.