FIFA 23 – World Cup Player Items NEED these changes

U7BUY offers you latest FUT 23 coin price and cheap FUT 23 coins. As part of the extensive World Cup content drop in Season 2, World Cup player items have been added to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.


Working alongside the World Cup swap system and end-of-event rewards, the new cards are an important part of the game right now.



However, we feel they were under-considered and could have benefited from these changes.



World Cup Player Items Explained


Before we get into the changes we’ve made to World Cup player items, here’s a brief overview of what the new cards are and how they work in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.



Every player from the 32 qualified national teams received a World Cup player item card, some of which also received upgrades.


Key Cards – World Cup player items will play multiple roles in Season 2


You can use them in your Ultimate Team squad like any other player, however, they have slightly different chemistry than their regular cards, and they’re also time-limited – these cards will be available from FUT on Wednesday 4th And all FUT clubs are removed in January.


WC Player Items need to be used to complete objectives to earn WC Swap Tokens, the more you accumulate (including duplicates), the better your end-of-event rewards will be.



SBC wishes


The main problem with many players who have World Cup player items is that they cannot be used in SBC.


Understandably, they cannot be sold and sold on the FUT transfer market, however, since they will be removed from your club when they expire, it’s a shame they can’t be more useful and exchanged for SBCs.


Even more annoying when you get duplicate WC Players – especially when they have high ratings!



Even if you can’t use them in a regular SBC, you can add an extra challenge specifically for WC players.


They can be repeatable and offer small rewards – like 75+ rare gold players – which are better than nothing.


Chemical changes


World Cup player items have slightly changed cards with slightly different chemistry.


They both have the same “World Cup League” where their clubs change to national teams.


While this is great for creating good chemistry between WC player items, it doesn’t necessarily help build a team with a mix of WC and regular Ultimate Team cards.


Strong chemistry – all World Cup players share the same “league”



The idea behind the WC cards is to include these players in your regular squad during the World Cup, but it feels less likely to mix and match, more of having to pick full WC players or regular FUT cards.


We like how WC players bond together, but feel like this could be an added quality to the cards that could make them more easily integrated into your squad.