Don’t Miss FIFA 22 Road To The Knockouts Event

Come take a look at the FIFA 22 coins prices from FUTeamgo! The FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts event has begun. It’s a FUT 22 event through which you can obtain amazing cards. Road to the Knockouts is an event based on prestigious UEFA events such as Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League. The event is about the Group Stages of these events. RTTK is an Ultimate Team event. We all know that you need many FUT 22 coins for this mode. Check out the FUTeamgo store and buy FUT 22 coins at the best prices!


What You Need to Know About FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts


The event introduces the Road to the Knockout player items collection. Marquinhos, Sane, Tonali, Diop, Trore, and Son are some of the players in the RTTK set. These are dynamic items that can upgrade twice. The first upgrade requirement says that the team the player is part of must qualify for the knockout session of the competition. The second condition requires that the club achieves three wins in the games from the Group Stages. Should the condition be met, you can expect to see the upgraded items in the game in a few days. The player doesn’t have to actually play for the team in order to get the upgrade. It’s only necessary for the team to complete the requirement. It’s not unusual for players to transfer to other teams. The people who designed the Road to the Knockout event took this into consideration as well. If the player is no longer part of the club, he will stop receiving upgrades even if the team and club are eligible for them. It can also happen that the club gets knocked out of the tournaments. If this happens, the players are not eligible for upgrades anymore. This also applies to players that qualify for the UEFA Europa league when they finish third in the group from the UEFA Champions League. The items from the Road to the Knockouts collection may receive upgrades while the Group Stages are playing. This event is the first in a line of events based on UEFA competitions. In addition to the collection, the event also has Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. They provide players with a great opportunity to score rewards in the form of cards. This is only the first of the many events that we can play throughout the FUT 22 season.