NBA 2K21 – What Do You Think About The Exchange?


The Exchange is one of the features that come with NBA 2K21. It’s a very simple feature that has great potential. Players can use it to exchange the cards they no longer need for better cards. This is a great way to acquire new cards without having to spend more NBA 2K21 MyTeam coins.

You might wonder what cards you will be getting instead. How does a pink diamond Bob Cousy sound? Sounds like a great deal. You will trade cards that you don’t use anymore for cards that can make an impact in your line-up. Let’s see how The Exchange works.

This new NBA 2K21 feature is connected to MyTeam seasons. Each season comes with Exchange collections. So this is not a feature that you can access at all times. There are Exchange sets. When you complete them you get exclusive prizes. As you can imagine, the rewards differ from collection to collection. Some sets will be easier to complete.

Other sets are more challenging, but they give great rewards such as high-quality cards. For instance, there might be a Western Conference set that requires 90 OVR players with a 90+ OVR card as a reward. Or there might be a similar set but with Eastern Conference players. Not all Exchange sets will require high OVR players or even player item cards. Some will have contracts. You will spend silver or gold contracts for diamond ones.

The developers promise that they will come up with different sets that will help both new and veteran players. That’s not all there is to The Exchange. The cards that you will obtain as rewards will be very valuable in modes such as MyTeam Limited.

Although The Exchange is a convenient feature that allows you to trade old cards, you need to be careful when using it. MyTeam is a highly versatile mode that can be played in lots of ways. The development team is always coming up with new activities for which you need a diverse collection of cards. Another thing you need to be aware of is that there is no best team.

It depends on what you are doing or what you want to achieve. The Exchange allows you to get new cards but doesn’t be quick to dismiss your old ones yet. You never know when you might need them again. So, give it a good thought before exchanging your cards.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)