FIFA 20: Volta Rules You May Not Know

Are you excited about the new FIFA 20 mode Volta? If you’ve been following the news and the presentations from this summer’s gaming events, you probably know plenty about this mode by now. But do you know the rules? Volta is street football so the rules aren’t the same anymore. Make sure to learn the rules so you can start winning Volta games and getting prizes. There will be lots of people playing Volta on release day and you can get a small advantage by getting familiar with the rules. The sooner you start getting rewards, the faster you’ll develop your players and team.

Goalkeepers are optional in Volta. If you play a match without goalkeepers, then the first team to score a goal wins in case of a draw. If you play with goalkeepers, there will be penalties, shootouts, and corner-kicks. If the game ends in a draw, there will be two extra halves with the golden goal rule. There will also be three penalty shootouts. Keep in mind that FIFA 20 has new penalty mechanics.

If you want to play a game that has stricter rules, then you can choose futsal. This is somewhat similar to regular football play. This mode has direct free kicks and goalkeepers. The arena doesn’t have walls and it’s also larger than the regular street football fields. The free kicks follow the new free kick system so you might want to look into that as well. Accumulated fouls are a rule that is unique to this mode. The 6th foul enables a penalty kick from the second penalty spot. Each foul after the 6th one results in another penalty.

The accumulated foul counter resets each half. This doesn’t apply for extra time halves. Last second goals are possible when playing this mode. If there is a situation in which the ball is kicked towards the goal before the game ends but it reaches the net after the game ends, this will result in a goal. As you can imagine, it takes less than a second for a situation like this to occur. This mechanic keeps players on their toes the entire time as anything can change in the last second.

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