Find out all about NBA Live Mobile Finals Program

Finals is an NBA Live Mobile program dedicated to the NBA Finals. There are new basketball players to obtain, sets to fill in and live events to complete.

NBA Live Mobile celebrates NBA Finals with a new event and a new program. The game has been updated to include new players, live events and sets. There are 24 new players. Twelve of them are Elite NBA Finals and the other half represents Gold NBA Finals player items. These are just the players that will be available when the program goes live. More will be added as the Finals continue. Five of the new players that are planned to be released are J.R. Smith, Kevin Durant, Tristan Thompson, Draymond Green and Kyrie Irving. All of them have at least 90 OVR. The best one is Kevin Durant which has 96 OVR.

A new type of items called Player of the Game are introduced. These items can only be acquired for a limited period of time. Starting with the morning after each Finals match, players have 24 hours to obtain a Player of the Game. They need Finals program related items to acquire a 99 OVR player card. There will be between four and seven players to collect. The number depends on the how many games will be played.

New sets are added to NBA Live Mobile. One of them is the Ultimate Playoffs Masters. The old Conference Finals Masters set will be updated. The player obtained from the Playoffs Master set is Bill Russell. He has 98 OVR. To acquire him, players need to obtain four Playoff Masters. Items from any round can be used. Those who manage to complete the two NBA Finals Sets, Eastern and Western Conference, will get a great reward when the series is over. NBA Finals MVP gives a 99 OVR player card.

Players will continue completing Pick’em live events during the Finals event to obtain game collectibles that are needed for Playoff Pick’em sets. These live events are scheduled to run for two days before each game. When players complete them, they gain access to a new type of event where they have to match skills against an NBA Finals team. Another event requires users to play as Player of the Game. These events are available for 24 hours after each game.

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