Art of Goalkeeping In Fifa Mobile


Every crazy FIFA knows the value of having the right FIFA goalkeeper.  In this blog post, we’re going to honor these unsung heroes! A EA FC 24 goalkeeper can end up being a losing or winning factor on a given day. However, what qualities make a great goalie, and how can you get better at saving goals in FIFA? We will cover some tactics and advice to help you elevate your EA FC 24 team and become a shot-stopping phenomenon. Now let us get going and dive right in!

Knowing Goal Keeper’s Skills

In FIFA, mobile FC 24 keepers need to have command over the following factors to make unrealistic saves:

  • Reflexes: A EA FC 24 goalkeeper’s ability to swiftly act on shots and make saves is based on their reflexes. Your FIFA goalie can pull off those jaw-dropping, incredible acrobatic saves if they have a high reflex rating!
  • Ball Handling:The ability of a FIFA goalkeeper to catch and hold onto the ball is referred to as handling. A EA FC 24 goalkeeper with a high handling rating is less likely to mishandle saves or drop the ball.
  • Diving:The ability of a goalie to produce those breathtaking, expansive saves is referred to as diving. If your EA Sports FC 24 goalkeeper has a high diving rating, they can cover more ground and make seemingly impossible saves!

Pro Tip: Its pretty difficult in Fifa to get a star goalkeeper. You can spend EA FC 24 coins to get a goalkeeper with a high rating. 

Angles and Positioning Are the Secrets to Making Amazing Saves

An important aspect of being a goalie in FIFA is positioning and angles. The difference between a goal and a save can be entirely determined by the positioning of the goalie. The following advice will assist you in enhancing the angles and placement of your FIFA goalkeeper:

  • Read the game:Predict the location of the ball and position your keeper appropriately. Keep an eye on the players, their movements, and their shooting habits on the opposition.
  • Choose the proper camera angle:The positioning of your FIFA goalkeeper can be impacted by the camera angle. Try different camera angels to see which one works best for you.
  • Make sure your goalie is moving;do not just stand by and wait for the ball to find your net. To move them and change their position as necessary, use the left stick.
  • Employ the “ready” position:Most controllers have the “ready” position (L1/LB) at your disposal, which will help your goalie remain vigilant and respond to shots more quickly. Make amazing saves by using it to position your goalie in the ideal spot! l be able to make saves that will leave your opponents stunned.

Saving Shots and Distribution: The Art of Turning Defense into Offense

Stopping shots is only half the fight; your goalie’s next move is just as crucial. To surprise your opponents and turn defense into offense, distribution is essential. The following advice will help you enhance your goalie’s ability to distribute and save:

  • Use the right save type:Different saves have different outcomes. Use the right save type (e.g. parry, catch, punch) to put the ball in a safe position.
  • Distribute effectively:Use your FIFA goalkeeper’s distribution skills to start counter-attacks. Look for open players, use the right pass type (e.g. short, long, driven), and consider using the “throw” option for a quick outlet pass.
  • Keep an eye out for pressure:To get the ball out of danger when your goalkeeper is under pressure, think about making a longer pass or clearing.
  • Use the “goalkeeper throw”:This technique lets your goalkeeper pass the ball to a teammate with accuracy and speed (it is R1/RB on most controllers). Use it to start counter-attacks and catch your opponents off guard!


Congratulations! You have successfully completed our thorough guide to FIFA goalkeeping. You ought to be well-versed in the abilities and tactics needed to succeed as a goalie by this point. If not, you can always utilize FC boosting services from a reliable platform like u7buy. Recall that learning the art of goalkeeping requires patience and repetition. Here are a few last suggestions to get you through your trip: You can become a master goalkeeper in FIFA by using the techniques and strategies we have covered.