UCL Final Event Heats Up Mobile Game: Speculation and Rewards


The EA FC 24 UCL Final is upon us, and the mobile gaming world is abuzz with anticipation for the accompanying FIFA in-game event. Based on past events and educated guesses furthermore, to enhance your gaming experience buy EAFC boosting from u7buy Additionally, here’s a look at what EA FC 24 players can expect:

Spotlight on the Finalists

Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund will battle it out for EA FC 24 UCL glory, and the mobile game will likely reflect this. Expect special cards featuring these teams’ players, potentially boasting boosted OVRs to match their real-life performance. Imagine lining up a Karim Benzema with an FC 24 UCL Final boost, his finishing prowess becoming even more deadly.

Quest Rewards and a Celebration of Football

Completing FIFA UCL Final-themed quests might grant access to a UCL Elite Pack, offering a higher chance of packing high-rated players. Additionally, a 90-95 OVR red card could be a reward for quest completion, with the ultimate prize being a pack containing coveted Hero cards (91-95 OVR). These exclusive rewards incentivize active participation and can significantly improve your squad’s overall rating.

The developer might also introduce a UCL Best 11 Event, featuring the top performers from both finalists. This would allow EA FC 24 players to acquire these elite players and strengthen their squads. Imagine finally getting your hands on that elusive Jude Bellingham card or a supercharged version of Marco Reus. The UCL Best 11 Event would be a fantastic opportunity to add some real game-changers to your EA FC 24 team.

The EA FC 24 UCL Final could even be integrated as a side event alongside the ongoing Season event, providing more options for players to engage and earn rewards. This flexibility allows EA Sports FC players to choose how they want to participate, whether it’s focusing solely on the UCL Final content or balancing it with the ongoing Season events.

Exchanges and the Star Pass: Hints at High-Rated Cards?

The introduction of lower-rated EA FC 24 card exchanges (around 96-97 OVR) suggests the possible arrival of even higher-rated cards. This aligns with speculation of a Star Pass potentially offering a mighty 98 OVR card. Star Passes often provide a significant boost to your team, and a 98 OVR card would be a real powerhouse addition. Following the previous season’s precedent, the UCL Final Event might also feature a free 96-97 OVR player reward. This freebie would be a welcome addition for any player, providing a strong base to build your team around.

Mobile Game Store Update: A Welcome Change

EA FC 24 Mobile game players can finally rejoice! The store now includes tradable cards, offering more flexibility. This is a significant improvement for those who prefer the ability to trade their acquired cards and potentially acquire players they specifically desire. Additionally, a 3,000 token gift, while not explicitly compensation, is a nice bonus that can be used to open packs or participate in exchanges.

The Road to Glory: Preparing Your Squad

As the UCL Final Event approaches, EA FC 24 players can start strategizing to maximize their chances of success. Utilizing the anticipated UCL-themed content will be key. Completing quests to acquire high-rated UCL players and packs is a great way to bolster your squad. Analyze the available quests and prioritize the ones that offer the most valuable rewards for your team’s needs. Participating in exchanges and potentially acquiring the EA FC 24 Star Pass can provide access to even more elite players. Carefully consider which exchanges offer the best value and if the Star Pass aligns with your playstyle and budget. By planning and actively engaging with the event, players can build a formidable FIFA team ready to compete at the highest level.


With the FIFA UCL Final just around the corner, both in the real world and within the mobile game, get ready for an exhilarating experience. By strategically utilizing the upcoming content and actively participating in the event, you can build a championship-caliber squad also you can get the cheapest FUT coins and dominate the competition. So lace up your virtual boots, prepare your tactics, and get ready to experience the thrill of the UCL Final in your mobile game!