EA FC 24: A Deep Dive into Career Mode


Purchase EA Sports FC 24 boosting with U7BUY today! In the newest EA FC, there are plenty of new features to explore and experiment with in the career mode. For the first time, the career mode is split into two different playstyles called the manager and player modes! We will go over both and what they have to offer.


In the manager career mode, you get to control an entire team of players and prepare them for every match. This mode splits into two major mechanics which are technical visions and coaching. Both allow the player to not only train their clubs but also envision how they want their matches to go.


When picking your technical vision, you are picking where you would like each one of your players to be on the field. This also includes picking your team’s overall strategy. This can determine how aggressive your team is whenever the opponent has the ball, and how defensive they are when the ball is theirs. The choice of how they act and react is up to you.


Along with picking your team’s overall strategy, you must focus on the individual player’s skill through coaching. Using the amount of budget at your disposal, you can hire and use coaches that specialize in different skills. This way, you can decide which coach trains which player to help specific stats rise and learn new tricks.


Now the player career, which involves much more action gameplay rather than the strategic management career. Here, you will mainly need to focus on your own character that you can create and therefore your own career. You can decide which club you decide to play for and how you would like to rise up the ranks.


Each club that you join for the season will require you to complete certain objectives during your matches and training. Some of these are optional for a higher wage while others are mandatory if you plan to stay in the club. If you fail to meet these objective requirements by the end of the season, then you could risk being kicked out!


At the start of each season, you will not only have to keep an eye on what your current club wants, but what your future club will be. Picking higher-ranked clubs is crucial if you want to build your career and wage, so deciding on one early is wise so you know what to shoot for. Picking a new club will also mean negotiating a contract for your higher wages and balancing it with your skills.


EA Sports FC 24 offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to how you want to play. Whether you choose to become a manager for a massive club or become a rising rookie in a growing sport, the choice is all yours to play how you want. Navigate your potential career and see where it takes you. Buy FIFA coins with U7BUY at great prices and deals.