What You Need To Know About The New FC 24 FC Pro Campaign

U7Buy offers a range of customized FIFA 24 boosting packages to meet your specific needs! FC 24 is getting several new campaigns. This one is based on the eSports event, FC Pro. The in-game campaign has the same name. The program includes cards that will receive upgrades. These boosts are applied based on how the players fare in the FC Pro Open tournament.

FC 24 FC Pro Live Campaign Details

The program is themed on the new eSports format. We are talking about FC Pro. The event will have the same structure as other campaigns. We will receive a set of cards. These items become eligible for boosts based on the performances of the associated player in the FC Pro Open. The new event kicks off on Friday. The event has a generous time frame. The cards can receive upgrades from the start of the program up until February 2024. We are playing a long game with this program. The first set of upgrades should come 12 days after the program begins. There will be six event stages. The first one marks the beginning of the program on November 17th. The base cards have 88 OVR. The first upgrade will be on November 29th and it will raise the OVR by 1 point. Three points were obtained by the participants. The next upgrade comes on December 6th. The cards don’t get just an OVR boost this time. They also receive one alternative position and one play style. The OVR goes from 89 to 90. The last two upgrades happen after the New Year. The January 10th upgrade bumps the cards to OVR 91 and also applies a play style+. The last upgrade takes place on February 7th. One more point is added to the rating. A bump to skill moves and a weak foot is also on the list. The cards included in the program have a new design. Purple is the color chosen for these cards.

Who Are the FC 24 Pro Live Participants

We have four groups. Each group features five players. They are all professional players who demonstrated a lot of skill and knowledge of the game. We cannot wait to see them perform. The games will surely be nothing short of spectacular. Group A has Umut, Lukas, Mark11, Emre Yilmaz, and H1dalgo. The participants in Group B are Happy, PHzin, Cowen, Young, and Matias Bonanno. Group C consists of Antonini, AboMakkah, seanldw, Manuel Bachoore, and Vejrgang. The players in Group D are Tekkz, 1OS, Levi de Weerd, Obrun, and Fouma. The games will take place in the UK capital London. They will unfold throughout eight weeks. There will be a short break towards the end of December. We will have the first four weeks followed by the holiday break and then the remaining four weeks. The first games begin in the November 27th week. The players from Group A will be the first to test their skills against each other. Each group has two weeks. The last group, D, will play on January 29th. Then, the FC Pro Open Finals begin. Eight players will take part in this stage. This is a straight knockout event. The finals take place on February 3rd. The players who won the first knockout phase and are among the final four are automatically qualified for next year’s tournament. With the FC 24 Pro Live campaign, you have the chance to stay up to date with the competition and also receive new cards for your team. Do you need help with the game? Click here, sit back, relax, and watch as our expert boosters propel you to victory!