EA FC 24 Career Mode Revealed, Date, time and more

Reveals are being made and the hype is building, we know EA FC 24 is truly on the way to us.
A brand-new game from EA, this FIFA successor is set to change the way football is experienced on consoles, both on and off the pitch.
All major modes are set to return and we’ve already seen how gameplay will be revolutionized.
Up next, attentions turn to Career Mode, with this much-loved mode set to receive some major TLC in EA FC 24.
With that in mind, let’s count down to the next deep dive reveal for EA’s brand-new game. And U7BUY will continue to provide FIFA coins trading service in the new installment.

EA FC 24 Career Mode countdown

While nothing is 100% confirmed yet, we expect another in-depth livestream this week.
According to EA’s schedule, this live broadcast will focus on the new features of the career mode, this beloved classic mode will become the headline mode of EA FC 24.
Last week, we saw a ton of new details about gameplay brought about by the new HyperMotion V technology.
This week, we’re expecting EA to roll out all the bells and whistles of Career Mode, and players are expecting big changes to the beloved mode.

Stream date & time

As mentioned above, EA recently revealed a timeline detailing every piece of EA FC 24’s in-depth exploration.
Two main features are at the top of this list: gameplay and career mode.
The live stream of the game has ended and will be live on Tuesday at 4 p.m. BST.
In line with this, we expect the Career Mode stream to follow the same schedule, possibly starting at 4 pm BST on Tuesday 25 July.
At this point, this hasn’t been fully confirmed by EA, but given the timeline of previous in-depth reveals, we’d expect that to be the case.

What to expect

Based on previous in-depth coverage, we expect to see a 5-to-10-minute video released by EA detailing all the new features in this mode.
Right now, we don’t have much information on new features for Career Mode, but the community has suggested things like online careers, a youth academy, and a new transfer system.
Speaking of transfers, a recently leaked screenshot shows Fabrizio Romano’s famous “Let’s Get Started” tagline front and center in the social feed section, which appears to be part of the pattern. new supplement.
Targeting some of the biggest and best transmissions in the game, this neat little feature could be a great way to add some extra realism to EA Sports FC 24.
In the latest EA FC 24 My Player Career Mode leak, it has been announced that,
‘You will be able to talk to your agent and set future goals and dream club move’
An exciting update for all career mode fans as there are now more options and push for your dream move, with agents now playing a more impactful role in EA FC 24.
We’re certain that EA has plenty of other aces up their sleeves when it comes to Career Mode in EA FC 24 and we can’t wait to see what new features are coming.