FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Simple feature could REVOLUTIONISE this year’s game

U7Buy offers the cheapest FIFA Coins on the market today, unlike anywhere else! FIFA 23 has landed, and this year’s game has been praised for its gameplay improvements.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, especially one element that still frustrates Ultimate Team players.
Check out below for everything you need to know about a potential new feature that could revolutionize the way we play FUT.
Ultimate Team Goal

We’ve all been there.

You complete the Ultimate Team game and find nearly 6,000,000 notifications on your FUT homepage showing all of the goals you’ve completed in a match.
While this will initially be exciting, the novelty quickly wears off as you claim each award individually and skip the animation as quickly as possible.

This question is especially relevant at the start of the game, and EA has a very simple solution to all this community frustration, a “Claim All” button.
‘Request All’

Instead of you completing and claiming each objective individually, the “Claim All” button will simply allow you to claim all objectives at once and get instant rewards.

In some cases where you have to choose goals for rewards, these goals can be excluded from “Claim All” to avoid frustration.

EA has made it clear on numerous occasions that the fast gameplay is engaging and exciting, and nothing stops FIFA 23 like the endless goals you have to claim.

This can also be extended to packs, with the “Open All” button able to instantly show you cumulative rewards like stadium features and other vanity items.

Ultimate Team has come a long way since its inception, but then again, small details and fine-tuned margins can go a long way.

The FIFA community has been calling for this feature for years, and we think it’s time for EA to finally take action and give people what they want.