FUT 22 – Angel Correa’s ‘Moments’ Player Card Update

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FUT 22 is set to announce a brand new player card for Atletico Madrid’s proven forward, Angel Correa, who will be receiving a ‘Player Moments’ update this time around.


Atletico Madrid marches on for major silverware next season, and the enthusiasm comes for the team’s array of player choices within the club’s ranks.


Posing dangerous players both on the offence and defence, one particular player that keeps Los Colchoneros ticking is striker, Angel Correa, who deserves a new player card upgrade in FUT 22.


The player card to be introduced for the 27-year old attacker is a ‘Player Moments’ Player Card that remembers his outrageous pile-driver from the halfway line against Villarreal in their 2-2 draw last season.


That was probably one of the best performances that Correa had ever given for Atletico, which boosts his player stats as can be seen here:


(ST) Angel Correa’s ‘Player Moments’ Player Card: OVR 94


  • Dribbling: 96 (+9)
  • Shooting: 95 (+12)
  • Pace: 94 (+9)
  • Passing: 89 (+11)
  • Physicality: 82 (+8)
  • Defending: 57 (+8)


Correa is now extremely potent up front, able to wiggle his way through defenders before slotting in the goals with relative ease.


Interested in Correa’s player card? You need to complete three (3) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) first (11 Players in each Squad):


  • TACTICAL EMULATION(Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from Atletico Madrid: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 83
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 70


  • ARGENTINA(Reward: Small Prime Mixed Players Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from Argentina: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 85
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 60


  • LA LIGA(Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from La Liga: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 87
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 50


Correa’s SBCs will expire around 19th July 2022 (Tuesday) so you will need to act fast in order to recruit him inside your own UT squad right now.


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