NBA 2K22 can make The City bigger and better

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Although it has not been confirmed, it seems that the city is likely to return to NBA 2K22. Fans have noticed that the NBA 2K22 pre-order rewards include a custom-designed skateboard for MyPLAYER, a project used to navigate the city. The online mode is the next iteration of the previous mode The Park and Neighborhood, and it will only be released with the next generation of NBA 2K21. Now the entire development cycle is to launch NBA 2K22 on the next generation of game consoles, instead of staggering after the release of the current generation, the city will definitely become a part of the focus.

This city can be bigger and better

With the release of “City” on NBA 2K21, Visual Concepts expanded the idea of ​​parks and communities to this major metropolis. Big cities will never stop growing. In NBA 2K21, the size of the city does provide something, but that does not mean that 2K Games will prevent more growth in NBA 2K22. We see that the release of “NBA 2K21” allows The City to host four different administrative regions, which is a huge improvement for this mode. With NBA 2K22, we can see more expansion, which will allow more changes between regions and provide players with more choices where they want to focus.


Competitor relations

Four administrative regions brought four Rival Affiliations, which is another thing we can see in NBA 2K22. Who would you stand with in the city? NBA 2K22 always has the opportunity to stick to the current quartet, but the expansion will give players more choices to decide which affiliation is best for them.


Mayor’s power

New York City introduced a mayor in NBA 2K21, which was accompanied by a democratic process to select a new mayor for a six-week term. The mayor has the ability to create custom playlists and videos for the court area, adjust the court and mural design, and change the choice of jerseys, but this may increase in NBA 2K22.