Runescape: Latest news

Let us start with business news; The Carlyle Group has recently acquired Jagex, the UK studio behind Runescape. The success of Runescape has brought wealth and fame to the company located in Cambridge. Jagex currently employs more than 450 people and the Runescape franchise worth is estimated to over £1 billion. The Runescape games have been published on PC and mobile and they have attracted a record number of players in 2020 arguably due to the worldwide lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jagex plans to use this opportunity to invest in R&D, expand the content of Runescape and launch new titles.
As we said in the intro to this article, Runescape is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Jagex has announced various events to commemorate the date. In the wake of these celebrations, Jagex has announced the release of a new storyline available to all the players. The storyline will take the form of a multi part event called Once Upon a Time. This event will last the entire year and will allow the players to travel through time and live the game’s past, present. The first episode of the series is called Foreshadowing.
The players will meet different characters who will reveal different elements of the storyline to the players. Players will meet characters like Relomia, as she tries to find a sense of purpose after the death of her employer Sliske, as well as other characters who will make a comeback. Players who complete Foreshadowing will win a special reward in the form of a new kind of hat, named Redomia’s Party Hat. This may be in response to a community wish; for a party hat in the game. Jagex will release new episodes for Once Upon a Time throughout the year.Should you need ESO gold, don’t hesitate to visit the U7Buy store. There are some special deals that you will not want to miss!