RuneScape 3 – Celebrate The 20th Anniversary!

RuneScape 3 is celebrating an important milestone this year. This is the game’s 20th anniversary. Not many MMORPGs live to this age. RuneScape 3 didn’t just survive but also gathered a loyal player base over the years. Each year, we celebrate the game’s anniversary but, for the 20th anniversary, the developers have prepared something special. All players are invited to take part in the event. The Grand Party happens in Lumbridge Crater. You cannot miss it, it’s right behind the castle. Come meet other players and enjoy the 10% XP bonus that applies when you are in this location. This is a great opportunity to work on your skills. Everyone knows that going to a party requires a special outfit. Come in your usual attire and leave with two new items. Speak with the Wise Old Man and he will hook you up with an outfit and cape that reflect the celebration. There’s more to the event than the party. The event lasts until the end of January and there are lots of things to do. Each week will come with unique events that honor the game in diverse ways. As you imagine, there are many nice rewards that are waiting to be collected.

The first week celebrates quests. RuneScape 3 is known for its quests so the first week, the Celebration of Quests, is dedicated to this integral game feature. This week comes with three new quests that will put players in touch with some of the most notorious RuneScape 3 NPCs. Complete the quests but don’t forget to eat some cake. The 20th anniversary cake looks delicious and you are invited to grab a piece. XP lamps and other items are available as well. Who doesn’t like happy hour? Head to World 1 and 16 at 17:00 game time for the anniversary hour. Don’t forget about the special RuneScape 3 20th anniversary merchandise such as pins, key chains, and more. Christmas may be over but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting any more presents. Prime Gaming rewards come on January 5th. The prize includes five 50% XP items that also have a cool purple effect when you use them. These items cannot be given to other players and you cannot put them in the bank. Also, the XP bonus and double XP Live do not stack. Premier Club members get rewards too. The gift box includes one variety pack, two pulse cores, and 1,000 oddments.