NBA 2K21: controversy with the ratings


Throughout the history of sports games, there have been several occasions in which both soccer and basketball players have not agreed with the averages that their digital namesakes received in the respective games, as happened with LeBron James in NBA 2K19.

On this occasion, the return of the controversy with the ratings of the players in NBA 2K21 has had as its protagonist one of the most outstanding players in the championship, such as Zion Williamson, who has considered that his average is too low. Without going any further, the New Orleans Pelicans player is one of the protagonists of the cover of the title developed by Visual Concepts.

Knowing that player ratings adjust throughout the year, Zion reached out to Ronnie Singh of 2K, the man in charge of NBA 2K21 player ratings, to see if he could give his virtual self a boost. The player called Singh because his assessment, according to a google search, showed the athlete with an average of 81. However, as we can see, everything with a sense of humor, finally everything ended well for both since the authentic rating of the player is 86.

Considering that Zion Williamson spent much of his first season injured, it seems that the rating received by the New Orleans Pelicans star is more than correct. Also, this shows the great potential of the player, who at just 20 years old is already one of the most important players in the NBA.

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(Contributed by GB; Edited by Chong Fang)