FIFA 21 gets release date and will have support for PS5 and Xbox Series X

On june 18, EA Play took place which brought some of its next titles that will be released soon. Among these titles we had a small teaser of the new FIFA 21, which according to the information, arrives on October 9th.

The video that offered very little of the game, came with another much-anticipated title in the United States, Madden 21. As you can see, it shows very little, despite being well produced, check it out.

According to EA the new game will be compatible with the next generation of consoles and will bring a unique experience. Players who try the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X, will experience a unique and authentic immersion, thanks to the new features of the new generation. Finally, the developer promised to reveal more about both games in August.

In fact, another piece of information revealed at the event was that players who purchase FIFA 21 before FIFA 22 will have the advantage of taking the game to their next-gen console at no additional cost.

Therefore, FIFA 21 has been confirmed for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (Legacy edition), and also breaks the next generation of consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.


The Big Event

Overall, the EA event, despite being very well presented, seems to have disappointed some viewers who expected a little more. The event, which had approximately 50 minutes, brought some news, but did not bring much meaning. And taking into account that not even a gameplay of the new FIFA was shown, I had the impression that they could have passed without this event, or waited for when they had more to show.

In conclusion, we will have to wait for the next few days and months, hoping to see more concrete news from EA. It is important to note that, although FIFA 21 will still come to last-generation consoles, this may be the last appearance of the game, as the PS5 and Xbox Series X come out at the end of the year (2020).

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)