A FIFA 20 tournament for the LGBT + community was created

Esports are experiencing a peak moment due to the almost global situation of confinement due to COVID-19. Electronic sports audiences have grown, in part, thanks to the fact that traditional sports have been canceled main competitions. This cocktail has generated a large number of audiences who, without having seen their routines so affected, would not have considered watching esports competitions.

Once the health situation returns to normal and the economic activity of all the countries is once again the one we all knew, it will be necessary to reevaluate how much of that “new” public has really become hooked on esports. The opportunities that this situation has generated Unfavorable Large groups have discovered esports as a source of entertainment, such is the case of adults, over 45 years of age, who perhaps have never considered enjoying a soccer game in virtual simulation, without the real players sweating in the field to get the goals.

In this case, it is the players, at the controls of the video game console they choose, who sweat to achieve victory by managing an entire team of 11 footballers at the same time. This paradigm shift has been taken advantage of by other groups that, unfortunately, they can still count on poor visibility, to “normalize” their situation and publicize their hobbies and, specifically, their taste for esports.


Here comes a new challenger!

In this case, the LGBT + group in Mexico has been the one that has moved the file. Since Anade (National Sports Association) LGBT + have organized two FIFA 20 tournaments that will be played from May 1 to day 3 of the same month. will take place on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms, so that whatever your favorite console you can participate in, and they count on the invaluable collaboration and support from FEMES (Mexican Esports Federation).

The tournament is free to register, for adults over 18 years or younger with the authorization of tutors. In their legal and registration bases, they declare that “it is mainly aimed at the LGBTTTIQ community, however, in our organization we do not carry out any type of discrimination, for which reason all persons and / or teams may register regardless of their identity or sexual orientation”.

Players who want to participate must have their own video game console, game and a stable internet connection to be able to play the tournament with full respect for the confinement in progress and, for the moment, it is a requirement to reside in Mexico. that esports is a fairly respectful territory, at least at a general level, with groups of all kinds and anyone, today, has a place in the competitive video game scene.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)