Elder Scrolls Online – Celebrate Jester’s Festival 2020

It’s time for another Elder Scrolls Online celebration. This one is among the players’ favorites because it’s casual, funny, and rewarding. We are talking about Jester’s Festival. On a normal basis, things are pretty serious in Tamriel. But not during this event. However, the rewards are as serious as possible so you will want to get started right away. Jester’s Day begins on March 26th. If you have taken part in this event in the last years, you don’t need to redo this part to get the XP bonus item.

Here is what you need to do if you are new to the game. Make your way towards the main cities of Daggerfall, Ebonheart, and Vulkhel Guard. You can also get the starter quest item from the Crown store. Don’t worry, it is free. In the jester pavilion in each city, you will find a jester dressed as the High King Emeric, Skald-King, or Queen Ayrenn. They will task you with the first quest and reward you with the Pie of Misrule memento. Use the pie and get a two-hour XP buff. That’s pretty sweet, huh?

Visit the jesters each day to get their daily quest. You will receive a festival reward box as a reward. The box contains consumables, items that can be turned into gold at vendors, furnishing items, recipes, revelry pies, and all sorts of other goodies. These revelry pies are actually objects that you can throw around. You can add them to the quick bar.

There are five pie-related achievements. You get an achievement for throwing 10 pies at players from other alliances. You also get an achievement if you cover all three alliance leaders in pie. Throw 10 pies at guards and you get an achievement as well. Dessert Domination is a meta-achievement that you get for completing these three achievements. Spot 10 players in Cyrodiil that are covered in pie and kill them. That’s another achievement for you.

Tin Soldier and Empieror are titles that are obtained as rewards from these achievements. You can also get the Obnoxious Mute Face Paint. There are more event-specific achievements and titles. Make sure to do the dailies and you will earn the Crown of Misrule hat. You can also earn the Royal Jester and Lord/Lady of Misrule titles.

The first completed daily quest gives you a stupendous gift box. Inside you have the chance to find Festive Noise Maker or Jester’s Festival Joke Popper fragments, Cadwell’s Kitchen Arms Style Pages, and mementos such as the Cherry Blossom Branch or Jester’s Scintillator.

The Sovereign Sow pet fragments are a guaranteed drop from the first box you open per day. The first daily quest also comes with three event tickets. Visit the Impresario and get all four Indrik feathers and spectral berries. The Jester’s Festival ends April 2nd.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)