FIFA 20 – What You Need to Know About Conmebol

FIFA 20 Conmebol is almost here. This is a free game update that adds lots of content. The update comes on March 3rd for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The size is around 5GB so make sure you have that space on your PC or console. The Nintendo Switch game version is not getting the update. As you know, FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch is a legacy edition that is pretty much last year’s game with some updated visuals. Conmebol is all about the popular South American football organization. We mentioned that new content is coming to the game. The update includes new modes and new players.

The update gives players the chance to take part in three well-known Conmebol competitions. Libertadores, Recopa, and Sudamericana tournaments will be part of the game. Check out Kick Off and Career mode and you will see these new tournaments. For the first time in the game, players will be able to take part in these competitions and discover the excitement of taking part in the most important South American club competitions.

The update also comes with a new mode. The Conmebol Libertadores Tournament mode is being added to the game. This will be a standalone mode. More player head scans are coming to the game as well. The update includes 76 new head scans. Players from multiple Conmebol clubs are being integrated into the game.

Once the download is complete and the game is updated, you will see original Brazilian kits and crests in the related Conmebol modes. You will be able to use the new customization options in Kick Off, Career, and the new tournament mode. The names of the footballers and the likenesses will still be generic. If you are wondering about the inclusion of the Brazilian players in Ultimate Team, the answer is not a positive one.

These players are not part of the famous game mode. Teams and clubs from other nations will be part of Kick Off and tournament modes with their original players and names. Kick Off mode includes a feature called exhibition match that allows Conmebol and non-Conmebol teams to play games against each other.

More than 500 new items are being added to Ultimate Team. These will represent Conmebol players. Some of the footballers will have special items. Expect special items for those who are taking part in Libertadores and Sudamericana. There will be custom live content and special Sudamericana campaigns. Conmebol eLibertadores is a new e-sports tournament that is part of this year’s Global Series.

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(Contributed by Reda)