FIFA 20 – What You Need to Know About Headliners

Headliners program just debuted in FIFA 20. This is a new collection of footballers that features the world’s most form players. Here is some useful info about it. The player item cards are dynamic. This means that they will be upgraded when the player gets an in-form this season. An in-form is an item card that is acquired following a great performance on the real football field. Team of the Weak, Team of the Tournament, Man of the Month, Record Breaker, and Hero are in-forms.

Headliners get a permanent upgrade if their team gets four consecutive wins in the domestic season. The start of the Headliners program marks the first day since the wins are considered. The program starts on January 17th, 2020 so any wins achieved before that date do not count for the upgrade. The wins must be from matches in the domestic league. UEFA competitions and international games do not count. If this condition is met, the Headliner item will get the permanent upgrade within 48 hours of the fourth win. There is no time frame for the other upgrades but they will be received not long after the most recent in-form item is released.

The world of football is always in motion and you might be wondering what happens if a player that is part of this set goes to another club by transfer or loan. The Headliner item will not be changed unless the player gets an in-form with the new club or the club meets the four wins streak condition starting with the date the player joined.

The Headliner will depict the player with his new club after one of the above situations occurs. Speaking of the winning streak, the Headliner item will get a visual upgrade as well if this condition is met. The image of the player on his Headliner item will feature a glow around the player. This is the only situation in which a player’s image is changed. The picture will be the same no matter how many times the player gets an upgrade. There is no upgrade cap for Headliners. This means that these cards have the potential to become the best Ultimate Team cards.

The Headliners’ position doesn’t change, not even if their in-form has a different position than their Headliner item. These players can be acquired from packs. There are also Headliners that are obtained as rewards from squad building challenges and objectives.

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(Contributed by Reda)