FIFA 20 Icon Swaps

FIFA 20 comes with a new feature called Icon Swaps. This gives players an extra way of getting select Icon cards. In FIFA 19, these cards were found in packs from the store and they could also be bought on the transfer market. The good news is that FIFA 20 introduces a way of getting them without spending coins. Select Icons can be bought for player tokens. These tokens are obtained as rewards from player token objectives. However, there are specific times when the swap is possible. There will be three events throughout FIFA 20’s life cycle. The first Icon swap event begins October 11th and ends in December. As you can see, the time frame is pretty generous. You have the chance of getting Prime Icons before they can be found in packs. There are 24 Icons included in this first set. The complete list can be found on the official game website. There are Icons that cost between 6 and 14 tokens, Icons that cost 15 to 19 tokens, and the most expensive ones cost more than 20 tokens. Each Icon Swap event will be different, but all events have the same rules.

Each event will have at least 20 items. The tokens can be used to get Icon packs. Multiple Icon versions will be available during an event. Each event has unique Icons. If you missed one during an event, don’t count on it making a comeback in the next one. Each player will be redeemed for a certain number of tokens. Tokens don’t roll over to the next event. You will be able to earn player tokens while an Icon Swap event is active. Make sure to spend them during the event that is going on at that time because they cannot be used in the next one. Details about the first event are available on the game website. There is no news about the other two events. More will be announced before they begin. For now, concentrate on getting tokens and decide which of the 24 Icons you will be getting!

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(Contributed by Reda)