FIFA 19 Guide – Contracts in UT

Contracts are a FIFA 19 Ultimate Team feature that allows players and managers to take part in games. Contracts are consumable items that are bought with coins.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team has many gameplay elements. Contracts are one of these elements. They refer to FIFA 19 players and managers. Contracts are consumable items that are spent when players actively take part in a match. A  player needs contracts to play games. Think of contracts like cinema tickets, let’s say. You need a ticket to see a movie and players need a contract to play a match. Players that are found in the starter pack come with a bonus. They have 45 contracts so you can use them in 45 games. Each player you receive from a pack has seven contracts. You can put your players to good use before they run out of their default contracts. New contracts are found inside packs but you can also buy them from other FIFA players using the market. Here’s how to apply contracts to players. In the Active Squad view, select a player, and open the Action menu. Access the Apply Consumable option and a contract will be assigned to that player. You can also see how many contracts a player has left. Use the Suggested Consumables feature and the game will tell when a player needs a contract. Players that are substitutes or reserves spend a contract only if they get to play. If they stay on the bench, the contract will not be used. Managers contracts work in a similar fashion.

There are different types of contracts. They last for a different number of matches depending on the quality of the cards they are used on. The general recommendation is to match the contract’s and player/manager’s quality. You can apply them however you like but it’s better this way. Contracts are valuable so you will want to manage them carefully. A player or manager can have a maximum of 99 matches so don’t apply more contracts if it will exceed that number. Try not to make too many substitutions, as each substitute player will spend a contract when he enters the game. Make a habit out of checking the transfer market for bargains. Maybe you’ll find some cheap contracts.