World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth Pre-order Bonuses and Purchase Options

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth release is just around the corner and players have already started pre-ordering it. There are multiple ways to get it. First of all, we have the digital and the physical versions. The digital version has two editions: standard and digital deluxe. The standard version grants access to the Battle for Azeroth expansion but the deluxe one comes with a few goodies such as mounts, pets, and items for other Blizzard games. There are two mounts. One is for Alliance players and the other is for Horde players. The Alliance mount is the Seabraid Stallion while the Horde mount is the Gilded Ravasaur. The pet is common to both factions. It’s the Baby Tortollan and it’s too cute to miss it. Four more rewards represent items that are used in the other Blizzard games. Overwatch players get WoW themed voices, emotes, sprays, and player icons. A special card back is obtained in Hearthstone. Faction sprays are given to StarCraft II players. A mount is available for Heroes of the Storm players. The standard game version can also be acquired from retailers in the form of the pre-purchase box. It contains a code that is used to upgrade World of Warcraft from the account management page.

Pre-ordering any edition has some surprises in store for players. They will get access to the quests that unlock Battle for Azeroth allied races. It’s already possible to make new characters using the new races. However, there are some requirements such as max level and having certain Legion quests completed and reputation levels. The collector’s edition is a physical box that contains some really nice items. Those who get it will receive limited edition World of Warcraft hardback novellas with exclusive art work. A collectible that resembles a coin with Alliance and Horde on its sides is in the box too. Access to special soundtrack is also included. All the goodies from the digital deluxe edition are received as well. The collector’s edition can be bought from local retailers.