Runescape 3 – What Are Elite Dungeons

A new feature called elite dungeons is coming to Runescape 3 this summer. They are called elite dungeons because they offer challenging content and mechanics that are normally found in raids. There are three ways to complete an elite dungeon. There is the story mode that is pretty easy to complete as players take 33% less damage. The story mode doesn’t offer notable rewards, it’s just to introduce players to the dungeon and its background story. Elite dungeons can also be completed in solo mode. The third way requires players to form a group. The monsters that inhabit elite dungeons are stronger than the ones that roam the open world. Adventurers should know that when a mob is engaged in combat, all other nearby monsters will attack as well. These monsters don’t rely on normal attacks to fight. They make use of healing and can also block and stun. The dungeons will also have bosses.

Players should know that death is not a safe one in these dungeons. There will be a teleport option to allow them to get back as soon as possible. Elite dungeons will have lockout content. The rewards obtained from these dungeons include dungeoneering XP and items. Players will get items that are tier 82 to 92. Players will also obtain tokens. They will be able to exchange them for items and consumables at the reward shops.

The first Runescape 3 elite dungeon will be released in June. It is part of a series of three elite dungeons that share a story connection. The second one will be available in July and the third and final one in September. More will follow in the future. Players shouldn’t expect too much story from these dungeons. They have a lore but they won’t be important story additions. The first confirmed elite dungeon is Temple of Aminishi. Players will have to defeat three bosses to clear it. The second one was just previewed in a Twitch stream. There is no info on the third one yet.