Runescape 3 – What is in store for Summer 2018

Solak Boss. This will be one of the most difficult Runescape 3 bosses. It is expected for release in May. The encounter will feature two modes. Players can attempt this fight in teams of two or in seven players mode. There will be multiple phases. In each phase, players will have to deal with different mechanics. The boss has eight million HP. The loot table includes a boss pet named Solly. Another item that can drop from the Grove Guardian is the T92 dual-wield crossbow.

Elite Dungeons. Runescape 3 will get its very first elite dungeon in June 2018. Just like the name suggests, elite dungeons are challenging dungeons that should be tackled with a group. Players may try, and even succeed, to solo it but it will be very difficult. The first elite dungeon is called Aminishi. Loot from these new dungeons includes dungeoneering XP, items, and tokens and Runescape 3 Gold. The second dungeon of this kind is planned to be added later this year.

Player Farms. This feature was requested by the community. The player-run farms will focus on animal care. Farmers will be able to decide which type of animals they’ll tend to, feed them, breed them, and sell them. XP will be earned from farming activities. Animals can be traded. This is just the first farm feature. In the beginning, farms will only have this feature that allows owners to take care of animals. Other updates will add more farm related content.

Skill Perks. The skill cape perks system is going through some changes. There are not many details about this update yet but a poll will be soon available. Players have the chance to cast their votes and dictate the direction of the game. Major changes are implemented in Runescape 3 only after the community is consulted through polls. This is a great system and, without a doubt, is one of the reasons Runescape 3 remained a popular game over the years.
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