Is Dust II your favorite CS: GO map?

Dust II is one of the CS: GO signature maps. It’s extremely popular and has become a players’ favorite. One of the most played maps, this one is the to go map for many players that want a classic game experience. The game mode for Dust II is bomb defusal. Just like the map on which is played, this mode is a popular scenario. Terrorists and counter-terrorists teams compete to achieve different objectives. The terrorists’ task is to plant the explosive and prevent the opponents from defusing it. The counter-terrorists must prevent the enemy team from planting the bomb or defuse it if they’ve managed to plant it. Taking down all members of the enemy team is a winning condition as well. Counter-terrorists must do this before the terrorists plant the bomb.

Dust II received a series of updates throughout the years. The map is now easier to get around but this doesn’t mean that its difficulty was decreased. Graphic improvements make the map more visually appealing. The map has three main locations: Bombsite A, the Middle (Mid), and Bombsite B. There are tunnels that connect these locations with the two spawning points for the two teams. From their spawning point, Terrorists have access to various locations using the tunnels. One of the locations that are quickly reached is Bombsite B. Counter-terrorists also have access to multiple locations and they can easily get to Bombsite A from their spawning point. The path system is the reason why the map is so popular. There are lots of ways to approach it. Countless strategies have been devised for this map that continues to remain one of the most played maps even after all these years. The latest update for this map was in October 2017. The map has the same Middle Eastern theme but more details have been added. Bombsite A is a hotel while Bombsite B has a kasbah look. The middle part has had the lighting improved. This is not the first old school map that got updates. More maps are now available with a revamped look.

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