Runescape 3 – Have You Visited the Mining Guild?

Runescape 3 players that have dedicated their time to leveling the mining skill to 60 can access a location called the Mining Guild. It doesn’t matter if players are not subscription paying members, the guild can be entered by free players too. The guild is found in Falador. Here is how to reach it.

Taking the Falador teleport and then walking to the north-west will get players to the guild in no time. Another one of the quickest ways is to use the skills necklace that will teleport players right to the location. The dwarven mine cart system works as well. Another item, the clan vexillum, is used to get to the Clan Camp that is pretty close to Falador. There are two entrances to the guild. One is from the guild building and the other is from the dwarven mines. No matter what entrance players take, they must fulfill one requirement to enter the guild. Their mining level must be at least 60. The good news is that consumables that temporarily boost mining can be used to enter the guild.

Players visit the guild to mine ores. Coal and mithril can be found in the guild. The resource dungeon that is near the guild is a good place to acquire runite, adamantite, and mithril. Just like the guild, the dungeon is a free location for players who meet the dungeoneering requirement. Most players visit the guild to mine ores or simply to get to Falador. A nearby anvil allows players to work on their smithing skill too. The eastern bank in Falador is pretty close to the guild and this makes it a great spot to work on skills like mining and smithing. Players can also find various objects such as pickaxes. Players that don’t have a very high mining skill will find the bronze pickaxe quite useful. If players take the entrance from Falador, they will meet the master of mining NPC. He is a dwarf who offers for sale the cape of accomplishment. Players need to be members and to have 99 mining skill to buy the cape. The cost for the cape is 99,000 coins. Click here for more video game news and information.