What features of FIFA 17 do we expect in FIFA 18

FIFA 17 featured many features that we enjoy to this day. Although, at first such characteristics were criticized and even alienated many players, after a couple of months were critically acclaimed and, above all, by us gamers. One of these features was the Online mode of FIFA 17, which we hope will be in FIFA 18. Why? We’ll tell you then.

FIFA 17 was an exceptional game in every respect; Even in its online mode. Many games do not have a good online mode. Sometimes the online community is the same that makes that modality is not nice (hackers in CSGO and COD).

However, FIFA 17 has an excellent and stable online mode, which allows us to play with friends and strangers in friendly matches and tournaments. We can grow our team (created from scratch) and become the best team at a global level. Of course, this entails a lot of effort and hours of play.

In addition, the online community of FIFA 17 is extremely friendly and there are forums where you can look for partners to create a team or even join one. It all depends on your abilities and your desire to play.

In fact, there were few or no occasions when the FIFA 17 servers did not work as they should and that is something we would love to see again at FIFA 18. We are sure that EA will achieve the same quality of service.