How to Defeat Lizardman Shamans in Runescape 2007

Lizardman Shamans are Runescape 2007 monsters that can drop the dragon warhammer. This is one of the best weapons for melee so players will want to acquire it for themselves or to sell to other players. Here are a few things about the monsters that drop the weapon.

There are two locations in the Runescape 2007 world where these monsters can be found. The first location is the Lizardman Canyon and it’s home to three of them. The second location is called the Lizardman Settlements. Adventurers will find the monsters in the area within the Settlements called the Caves. This location is close the Xeric’s Shrine. Eight shamans are found here. To be able to kill them, players will get some drops, maybe you can get runescape 2007 gold, so you need a lizardman slayer task. Players will also need to gain Shayzien House favors (100%) to be able to defeat the shamans from both the Canyon and the Settlements.

Lizardman Shamans have 150 combat level. Players are recommended to use melee and/or ranged attacks against them. The shamans use three types of attacks: melee, ranged, and special. Melee attacks are normal just like the ones used by other monsters. There is no special preparation required for this. Ranged attacks are pretty much standard as well, except for the fact that sometimes they can be poisonous. It’s the special attacks players should pay attention to.

There is no cooldown for these attacks so shamans can use them at any time. There are three of them: adds, acid spit and jump. The shamans call three adds called spawns that explode dealing damage to the nearby adventurers. They explode a few seconds after they appear so players should be prepared to move away as soon as they see them. The acid spit does a lot of damage and can also have poisoning effects. The damage from this attack is reduced if players are equipped with Shayzien armor. Shaman will jump dealing massive damage if they land on an enemy. Players can easily avoid this attack by moving when they see shamans jumping.