Runescape 3 – Have You Defeated the Magister Yet?

Runescape 3 Menaphos update brings a new solo boss, the Magister. There are three requirements to be able to participate in this fight. Players need to be premium users as the Menaphos content is available to members only. They need at least 115 slayer skill level. It’s possible to use skill boosters to get the slayer level requirement. Players also need access to Sophanem slayer dungeon where the boss is located. To enter this dungeon, players first need to complete the Icthlarin’s Little Helper quest. As soon as players reach the dungeon, they must obtain an item called Key to the Crossing that is acquired as a drop from dungeon monsters. Inside the dungeon, they will find an obelisk that is used to call the Magister.

The boss is a necromancer. His real name is Oreb and he is a member of the House of Charron. The Grim Underworld is his home. Players go through the Sophanem dungeon to reach his location. The encounter is designed for solo play. The Magister is an extremely challenging boss. Adventurers should equip their best armors and weapons to prepare for the fight. As the encounter is solo-able, all types of combat can be successfully used against the boss.

The loot list includes Runescape 3 gold, dragon armor, dragon stones, a water talisman, rune battleaxe, battle staff, feather of Ma’at, and phylacteries. The five Magister’s Journals are a guaranteed drop. Gloves of Passing are a rare drop and even rarer is a soul fragment. This last item is used to acquire the Minister, the Magister’s boss pet. Phylacteries are also valuable drops as they are used to get scraps of scripture. When players get 100 of these items they can craft a blessing. There are three blessings (sand, sea, and sky) so 300 scraps are needed in total. Players that obtain all three and have a Khopesh of the Kharidian can obtain the tier 92 upgrade of the weapon. This also works with the off hand version. The melee gloves dropped by the Magister are a tier 85 item. Players wearing these gloves get a 7% damage boost after Havoc was used on the same target. The Magister is one of the bosses that have to be defeated for the Reaper title.