Runescape 3 – Player Housing Introduction

Player housing is a Runescape 3 feature that allows premium members to buy a house and to use the construction skill to expand it and to customize it.

Player housing is a Runescape 3 feature reserved for premium players. The system goes hand in hand with the construction skill which is also a members only feature. Players who have an active game subscription, and plenty of coins, can buy a house from an NPC, expand it and decorate it using the construction skill.

There are five real estate agents NPCs scattered all around Gielinor. Players will find them in the Seer’s Village, in Varrock, in Falador, in Ardougne and in Prifddinas. They offer houses in different locations for different prices. New homeowners are expected to pay around 1000 runescape 3 gold for their first house. The NPCs that sell homes also work as interior designers. For a fee, they can change walls, floors, lighting and the dungeon room. Most of the house customizing will be done by players themselves. The construction skill was added to the game to give players the necessary tools to design and create house items.

Players that wish to make house modifications need to switch on the building mode. Some options are available in this mode. Players can move the following rooms: the aquarium, the costume room and the menagerie. They can also add or remove other rooms. Depending on the construction skill level and the available finances, players can build and add 22 types of rooms. The size of the house and the number of rooms also depend on the construction skill. Maxing out construction to level 99 allows players to have the largest available in game house with 33 rooms.

Furniture and decorations are built while in building mode. Different items can be added to a room. Players will see a ghost version of these items. Clicking it will reveal crafting requirements such as construction skill level and materials. House owners can set three different house modes: PvP, challenge and default. A house has multiple functions. Players can use the house teleport to escape dangerous situations, to restore their stats, to train prayer skill, to repair armor and such. Homeowners can make their houses a social gathering spot by opening it to other players.