Boost your Runescape 3 skills in the Shifting Tombs

Shifting Tombs is a Runescape 3 activity that allows players to earn skill XP and reputation. There are three tasks to complete within five minutes.

Shifting Tombs is one of the activities that can be found in the city of Menaphos. This minigame is a safe one so players don’t lose items if they die. Players use Shifting Tombs to gain reputation and XP for eight skills. Primary experience is given for agility, construction, thieving and dungeoneering. It’s possible to gain XP towards all four skills or just one of them. Secondary XP can be acquired for divination, prayer, runecrafting and crafting. If players don’t wish to receive XP they can exchange it for coins and various loot items.

Players can go inside the Shifting Tombs alone or with a party of five members. Grouping with others is not an option for those who are playing in Ironman mode, they must clear the activity on their own. A complete Shifting Tombs run lasts for five minutes only. This is the maximum allowed time. The requirements to enter it depend on the selected tier. There are three tiers. For the first one, players must have at least level 50 in all of the eight skills. For the second tier, players need level 70. For the third tier, at least level 90 is needed.

To open the Shifting Tombs for the first time, players will need to talk to Ozan. Once they are inside the tombs, players have five minutes to complete three objectives. It’s possible to exit the area without completing the objectives but no rewards will be given. The three tasks that must be completed are: corruption cleansing, treasure chest looting and sarcophagi opening. If players manage to complete all these tasks within the time limit, they will be given rewards. The rewards list includes reputation, XP or coins. Players can also obtain skilling pets from the tombs. Reputation is automatically received at the rate of 1,77 per each second. Some of the items that are acquired as a reward are Feathers of Ma’at, memory strands or level 82 weapons.